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8x12 Lofted Barn-C100069
$5455.00 pretax

10x16 Lofted barn-C100042
$7525.00 pretax
10x12 Utility 6'3"walls-C100018
$5745.00 pretax
10x12 Utility 7"walls-C100024
$5935.00 pretax
10x16 Lofted barn-C100039
$7525.00 pretax
10x20 Lofted barn-C100003
$9295.00 pretax
10x16 Utility 7' walls-C100005
$6965.00 pretax
10x16 Utility 7' walls-C100021
$6725.00 pretax
10x16 Utility 7' walls-C100034
$6965.00 pretax
10x20 Utility 7' walls-C100011
$8655.00 pretax
10x16 Lofted barn-C100073
$7420.00 pretax
10x16 lofted barn-C100008
$7265.00 pretax
10x20 Lofted barn-C100004
$9035.00 pretax
8x12 Lofted barn-C100038
$5285.00 pretax
10x16 Utility 7' walls-C100012
$6705.00 pretax
10x20 Utility 7'walls-C100006
$8615.00 pretax
10x12 lofted barn-C100058
$6515.00 pretax
10x10 Utility 6'3" walls-C100037
$5165.00 pretax
12x28 lofted barn-C10016
$16120.00 pretax
10x16 lofted barn-C100046
$7525.00 pretax
8x12 Lofted barn-C100068
$5455.00 pretax
Cant find what you are looking for? No need to worry, we can custom build a shed to suit your needs. Send us a message and we can get started.


Old Hickory is a leader you can trust in the portable storage industry. For over 25 years, we have succeeded by providing our customers with dependable storage solutions and a quality buying experience. Built locally in Magna Bay B.C. we strive to excellent customer service, dependable dealer experience and free delivery within 70kms of the North Shuswap.

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